built in furniture

1:Oppein Tanzania:

@oppeintanzania would like to make this holiday season memorable for you.

We are bringing you a promo; when you purchase a kitchen with us this season you WIN a FREE Built in Microwave or Oven.

Contact us for more information.
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When youve found your new home, you feel it. You anticipate your new furniture and living areas during the process of getting the home built, and the whole thing ends in smiles as wonderful as Alan & Fayes.

Congratulations and thanks for choosing #NVHomes! /1EE4yc5oSd

Fabricated Apartment

An apartment built in Grims Quarry in Evergreen Harbor with mostly fabricated furniture. It has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

Gallery ID: kaiwryplays

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a furniture company built in 1893

T A Schuler:

A gnarled ‘ōhi‘a post supported the center of the main cabin’s low-pitched roof, and the simple yet elegant interior—built-in wood furniture, a brick fireplace—opened out onto a traditional Japanese engawa via sliding shoji doors. /bPIDi7D217
6:Encircle Housing:

Ta-dah! The finishing touches in the lounge included buying modern furniture, placing a new TV with built in Freeview on the wall, and putting up a picture. #Tenants are enjoying spending time together in their lounge they have made their own #PaintPotDay #MakingADifference(2of2) /IU6cqSD9Ni
No wonder man built furniture around a plane ✈️ in ‘6 days 7 nights’ epic movie
8:Wirral Evolutions:

The carpentry workshop at our Dale Farm centre has recently completed an order of furniture for the Sail Loft Cafe (@TheSailLoftCK) in West Kirby. All of this was built by the people we support at the farm under the expert supervision of their professional tutor.

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9:Realting Company:

Flemish interior and antique furniture.
In #Belgium, a unique house built in 1879 on sale: /KIA7EzozYD /uN0Nv9nEjR
10:Paddy OFurniture:

Just helping my mate move house.

He has rented a studio flat, which is a brick built outbuilding in the garden of a house

This is a photo of it taken from the bathroom (Which is actually fairly big?

Guesses on how much a month in Catford /5jfdcbAXGQ