@RalvrWuff @RacthetMechanic @Furdini @eclipticafusion Oh I believe it. 😉
2:ชิญวรรณ สูงแสง:
#โต๊ะอเนกประสงค์ FURDINI CLICK LYN0208 สีน้ำตาล FOLDING TABLE CLICK LYN0208 BROWN flashsale ลดกระหน่ำ 164
3:🎃 Pumpkin spiced Drake 🍂🐉:
@VermyFox @FiredrakeNemmy @Furdini @WolvenWuff They DON’T now stop wondering!!!!!!! >:C
@RalvrWuff @PerrinWolf89 @GritouTheOrca @Furdini yes, this is the natural position of wolves tbh
5:Smol Goat Boi!!:
I took some time and spoke with friends over the matter and they thought maybe it was a great idea to change it up, to feel better about myself. I had thought about it for a while and Furdini just isnt me anymore. I stopped writing years ago so why was I still keeping him? Cont.
@SmartWhitefang @Kaze_the_Wyvern @RalvrWuff @Furdini I try!
@RalvrWuff @Furdini *huff*
8:Virgil’s Butler:
@Furdini @RalvrWuff At least he’s learning how to share!
Next lesson: what should not be shared
@RalvrWuff @Furdini Its Minecraft
10:Levi Deeryote:
@RalvrWuff @Furdini I want peaches now